Why do we love adventure? – the attraction is our reaction

Like a magnet, we are drawn to certain experiences and activities which, if logic had its way, we should want to avoid at all costs.

But do we? – hell no – we flutter towards these adventures like a moth to a light bulb, bees around a honey pot, flies towards a purple zappy thing – no maybe not the purple zappy thing, as that encounter never ends well…if you’re a fly. But you can see what I am getting at.

So why do we love adventure and experiences?

We are fascinated by unique experiences, unusual adventures and for some, the darn right dangerous is the ultimate high. But why do we search for these things? What are we going to get out of it?

  • We like a challenge
  • We crave new experiences
  • Proof we can face our fears
  • We can learn about ourselves
  • Gain a respect for our surroundings
  • Find out what is important to us, what we value
  • It can change the way we think and feel

I think it’s because the feelings we have before we do something can change exponentially afterwards and we have much to learn from this metamorphosis.

Let’s look at three different experiences I tried and I will explain what I mean by describing my feelings before and after the event.


This was one of the first adventures I experienced in my adult life. It was what they call a static line jump from 2000 feet. It’s a solo jump where the action of leaving the aircraft begins the deployment of the parachute. The training was intense and excellent but if I had to describe how I felt in three words it would be:-

Before: Fear. Failure. Doom

After: Jubilation. Empowerment. Positivity

White Water Rafting

I have been fortunate to be able to raft in New Zealand, Spain and Slovenia and I can safely say I experienced similar feelings on each occasion. What adds to the mix in this activity, is that you don’t do it alone, you are part of a team which brings a different set of feelings into play. Again here are my before and after feelings:-

Before: Apprehensive. Powerless. Unpredictable

After: Exhilaration. Camaraderie . Respect

Overnight in an Igloo

I added this as it is a very different experience but it also makes you think and feel differently. My first night in an igloo was in a cold and snowy Finland. The accommodation was stunning and simple and had 6 star appeal for the experience I had and the memories it created.

Before: Intrigued. Concern. Cold

After: Amazed. Relaxed. Humbled

I really need your help

I would love to build a picture of how people feel when they have done something amazing, when they have experienced an Amaze Me Day and that’s why I need your help, your input.

  1. Tell me something you have done that’s amazing
  2. Add three words to describe how you felt before the experience
  3. Add the three words to describe your feelings afterwards
  4. Share this blog with people you know so they can add their Amaze Me Days

Thanks so much for your help