Here’s what we can do

Let Amaze Me Days Bring Some Sparkle to Your Business Message

  • Creation of regular content for you, including in-depth blog posts, articles, drip feed content, and email broadcasts which can link to your social media.  We do all this for you, so you can focus on your business and customers.
  • We study your customers, your target market and the services you offer, in order to write informative articles designed to attract new business and retain existing clients.
  • Addition of keywords so that the content is optimised naturally for search engine purposes without compromising on the quality of the information.
  • Quick reaction to the current needs of the business so that articles, blogs, guides and email broadcasts are always up to date.
  • Repurpose existing content to keep it current and fresh.

Website Content and SEO Evaluation

You can't begin to improve your content and organic SEO unless you know exactly what to keep and what you need to change. Amaze Me Days can look at your website and advise on how you can get the most out of it.
“Your collaborative spirit and understanding of our needs makes you a natural fit for our company”

What's Included

We look at the content of your website and report on the following:-

  • How the content is written.
  • Tone and connexion with your audience.
  • Format of text and images.
  • Current optimisation levels.

Then we make suggestions about:-

  • Improving the flow of content and how your audience navigates the website.
  • Optimising your content for better rankings.
  • Make each area of your website count so every page is working hard to convey your message.


Monthly Content and SEO Done For You

This is our most popular package as it gives you control to decide what you want and then we do all the work.
“Fantastic job!  There is nothing else I could possibly think of asking for”

What's Included

  • It all begins with monthly creative chats about content topic ideas.
  • 1 In depth article (about 2500 words).
  • 1 re-purposed article or shorter article (about 1500 words).
  • 2 email and social media broadcasts including image.
  • Monthly report with interpretation of stats

Price:  700 euros per month

Automated Content to Engage with Your Dream Customers

Creating wonderful content to connect with new and existing customers can be a great way to show what you do and boost your sales.
“Your passion for writing has had a positive impact across our many content marketing projects.”

What's Included

We can work with you to create automated content that solves problems for your customers and builds rapport.

That way, visitors to your website can be converted into customers as they feel they know you already.

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What Do You Get From Amaze Me Days?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a one-off project or a rolling plan, we are always on hand to help and advise. Amaze Me Days puts the same effort and energy into each task we take on, not to mention our unwavering collaborative spirit and BIG smile!

1. Research

We are fascinated by business so it’s always interesting to thoroughly learn about what your business does and how you want it to progress.
We want to understand who your customers are and what they need from your business.

2. Planning

We will design your content plan. So whether it’s in-depth blog posts, website copy, case studies, guides, newsletter articles, drip feed content or email broadcasts which can link to social media, we will set up a plan to ensure your content is constant and compelling.

3. Creation

Amaze Me Days works closely with your business to create content based on our research and current trends within your area of expertise, in order to connect with new and existing customers.

4. Fine tune

Format the content so customers can read it effortlessly. 
Provide attention-grabbing titles to encourage click-throughs.
Add pertinent links to back up the subject matter.
Optimise the content naturally for search engines.

5. Delivery

We talk through the options of how the content will be delivered to you, within defined timescales.

6. Monitor Results

Our service doesn’t end with delivery.  We are keen to monitor the results and present them to you, which will help with future strategic decisions.


Got questions? Here are some of the most common we are asked.

Content Marketing is a very cost effective way of connecting with new and existing customers more deeply resulting in increased sales.  Check out this article which goes into more detail.

No you don’t!  In fact smaller amounts of fantastic content are much better than oodles of rambling.  Quality wins over quantity every time.  

You don’t have to – Amaze Me Days can create a content plan for you which will save you time.  We even have a ‘done for you’ monthly plan so you don’t need to DIY.  Take a look at what we can offer.

Changes in the parameters affecting SEO happen regularly and so it makes sense to tweak things every so often so your website doesn’t fall behind in the  rankings.

No it’s not just you!  Google Analytics has certainly evolved over the years and in order to get the most knowledge from it. You really need to tailor your admin to meet the needs of your business and monitor those statistics regularly so you can make informed marketing decisions in the future.  Amaze Me Days can offer this service to you and also give ideas of how to improve your Content Marketing and SEO Strategy.