Top Experiences That Will Change the Way You Think and Why

Why do you think people thrive on adrenalin, seek the ultimate inspiration, or experience the wonder of adventure?  They want to:-

  • Be amazed and wowed
  • Be blown away by something they have never done
  • Feel that eureka moment when they see their future more clearly
  • Make sense of uncertainty and know exactly which direction to set off in


So can one little experience make you change the way you think?

Can embarking on a special adventure change the direction of your life compass?

I think so and here are some examples, showing why they make you re-assess your values.

Aerobatic Flight

The aerobatic flight that I experienced allowed me to actually do the manoeuvres as well.  It was a dual controlled plane of course! I began the experience knowing nothing and within minutes was steering the aircraft as we taxied down the runway.

The flying experience was amazing when the instructor was in control.  However, the feeling of exhilaration increased exponentially, when I was at the controls doing my first loop.

The best bit:

Your instructor has a wealth of knowledge and can judge perfectly how much of the adventure you can handle.  The activity is completely tailor-made to your needs. Experienced/budding pilots and people wanting to overcome a fear of flying will all get the most from their flying time. You really feel that you have pushed yourself to the limit.

What I learned from my aerobatic flight:

You learn so much from your time in the air. Self belief, trust in others, overcoming fear, gaining confidence, which don’t just leave you when you go home. You learn how those strengths feel and there is no reason why you can’t continue to use them in your everyday life.

Husky Safari

I have experienced several husky safaris over the years and they were all brilliant, but one place in Norway blew me away. It wasn’t just the husky safari but the location and the inspiration from the owner. If you do one thing today, watch this footage as it conveys the magic of the place.

When you meet the dogs for the first time, they are a noisy bunch – eager to get started with what comes naturally to them.  As soon as they set off they are calm, running as a team, each with their individual role and absolutely loving what they do.

The best bit:

When you’re on a husky safari – it’s like being transferred to a different world, at a different time, with completely different values. You can literally feel the worries you have in your own life fading away as you need to focus on a different set of problems in the wild.

Are your dogs ok? Are you warm enough? Will you make the next camp by nightfall?

And you know what? You deal with them all and I would defy anyone who would not be sad to say goodbye to their own team of dogs as their adventure comes to an end.

What I learned from my husky safari:

You start a safari knowing nothing about what is ahead of you, but you very quickly realise that you are the head of your team of huskies and as your lead dog looks back at you every so often for guidance, you know you are responsible for them and it feels great.

When you simplify your life, even for a short time, it becomes easier to make changes in order to set off in a new direction.


First up, you do have to be comfortable with the water for this activity – but if you are, then it is really up there with some of the best adrenalin filled adventures.

You need a big float with two handles, that you hold onto – no matter what happens. Then you ride the rapids of a fast flowing river – it’s an incredible feeling as you are literally at one with the board and the water as the strong current takes you down the river.

Going with the flow isn’t an option – it’s a necessity!

The Best Bit:

Think roller coaster meets bobsleigh on the water – if that excites you then you’ll love it – if it scares you then you might not love it quite so much. You feel the power of nature and the respect you need to have for the force of water.

What I learned from hydrospeeding:

The importance of holding on to your board at all costs. It is possible to harness the strength of your surroundings to make you stronger.

Icebreaker Experience

This is not just a trip on an Icebreaker but also a swim in the frozen sea, a snowmobile ride to the icebreaker and a wander around the massive vessel with endless views of the frozen sea. It’s a very surreal experience and I was a bit unsure of whether I would enjoy it or not, but ended up absolutely loving it.

The best bit:

There are so many parts of this experience that it is quite hard to single one thing out. I think leaning over the bow of the vessel and watching it break through the metre thick frozen sea was particularly special.

How we could be travelling through something solid as if it were liquid. Also swimming in the sea in very special thermal suits was pretty amazing too.

What I learned from my icebreaker experience:

The concept of the icebreaker has been around for many years. How miles and miles of frozen sea could be overcome by the use of a specifically designed vessel. Oh yes and those thermal suits are completely waterproof!

Zip Wire

Sometimes you just have to grab fear by the throat, before it grabs a hold of you, and this is a great way for many to realise that they are capable of so much more than they initially think.

Once armed with this revelation, you can then apply it to other areas of your life with startling results.

I wanted to experience a zip wire with a view and so chose the fantasticable in the French Alps, where you travel from one mountain peak to another at speeds of up to 100km per hour, at a height of 500 feet over a distance of 1.6 kms. It is absolutely fantastic – believe me.

The best bit:

You feel like you are flying as you soar above the ground where you can take in the breathtaking views and the mountain air.

What I learned from my zip wire experience:

When you give yourself a little push to do something different, it’s amazing how far you can travel.

What are your top Adventures and Why?

I would love to know what adventures float your boat and why? So please let me know in the comments box below.

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  1. Going to Iceland was the best adventure of my life! As a native Texan I have never experienced the nature that Iceland has to offer. Seeing the Northern Lights was life changing and that’s not an exaggeration! I think the best (and scariest) part was doing the exact opposite of what I usually do for a vacation.

    1. Hi, thanks so much for your comment. Yes Iceland is a unique country of many contrasts and the Northern Lights are definitely an unforgettable experience – I think we can count ourselves very lucky to have seen them.

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