Remember, Remember the Northern Lights!

 Now I don’t know about any of you, but I love the 5th of November. For me, it signifies the beginning of winter – almost a celebration! I love getting wrapped up in a thick coat, scarf, gloves and a hat and heading off in the dark evening to the nearest display.

There is something quite magical about fireworks – all the different colours, the designs and everyone looking skyward with the usual oohs and aahs as the display gets under way. Then just as the crowd gets used to the sky being lit up, the vibrant colours finish dancing across the sky and darkness again prevails.

The First Time You See The Northern Lights

I would liken a firework display to the first time you see the Northern Lights – you don’t hear anything of course only your heart beating a bit more quickly as you realise what you are about to see!

As a firework display often builds up very gently to the amazing finale so  do the Northern lights. They start off as just a glimmer – you initially think – did I see that or is it just the night playing tricks on my eyes?

Then you see it again – but stronger – this time.  There is no mistake, the most amazing natural display of light in the sky is under way and you have front row seats. If you’re lucky,  you will see more than one colour – green is the most common then pink and purple.  But whatever you see, it will be something that you will never forget.

Unpredictable and Unforgettable Northern Lights

Even when the science of it all is explained, it still remains one of the most wonderful things to see. The fact that you can never tell if you will see the Northern Lights, makes the experience all the more amazing when it does happen.


The best places to see the Northern Lights are in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland.

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