Overnight in an Igloo – Does it leave you cold?

When you say “I am going to stay overnight in an igloo” to some people, you can see them shiver at the mere thought of it. Then they look at you as though you are mad!

I want to set the record straight – I loved every minute. Of course, igloo accommodation isn’t for everyone. However,  I’m sure that many would enjoy the experience as much as I did.

Yes it’s true, why would anyone want to stay in an igloo – you wouldn’t pay good money to sleep in a freezer, would you? But there is something amazing about spending the night in such an unusual place ……..the igloo not the freezer!

All Igloos are not equal: here’s what to think about

When you start looking for an igloo experience, you’ll find there are several choices to be made. At the top end of the scale are places such as the Ice Hotel in Sweden with a fantastic vodka bar, a beautiful church for that unique setting to tie the knot, shop and separate restaurant.  You’ll have 30 bedroom suites to choose from, all with the most amazing themes.  However, none are ensuite I might add.

There are several places that are not so well known where you can have just as cool an experience.

There are the Snow Castles in Kemi and Lainio. Although the rooms are not so elaborate,  these hotels have ice restaurants, an important part of the experience.  You can sit at an ice table and have a 3-course meal before retiring for the night.

Then if you want a more rustic feel to your accommodation, why not spend the night in an igloo in Harriniva.

If you are really unsure of the igloo then you could spend the night in a glass Igloo in Saariselka. Made from toughened glass,  you get great views of the northern lights from these igloos. You can also enjoy the snowfall from the comfort of a warm igloo.


The Igloo Experience in more detail

Although each place is unique the experience you will receive is similar in that you will be amazed at the atmosphere inside, the sounds you will hear and how warm you are – yes warm, that’s what I said!

Awesome sleeping bags

Thermal sleeping bags do exactly what they say on the tin – they keep you warm in temperatures of up to minus 40 degrees.  When you think that the average temperature in an igloo is about 1 degree, then you can begin to understand how warm you will be.

Don’t forget your hat

You do need to wear a hat for bed as you lose a high percentage of your body heat through your head but apart from that, you’ll be just fine. The secret is to keep warm and have lots of layers so you can add and remove them. It’s much easier to keep warm than to get warm once you are cold.

Great atmosphere

I remember arriving at the igloo where I was going to stay and how quickly I became accustomed to the fact that everything was made of ice and snow – the bar, the chairs, the tables, and the beds. I have never had champagne that was so cold – not that I am complaining!

Hearty food

The food was great too and everyone sat together around a big table in the restaurant. We were all the best of friends by the time we got into the hot tubs outside to enjoy the moonlit landscape.

Cozy nights sleep

I remember going to bed thinking – I hope I don’t end up with my arms out of the sleeping bag and then waking up in the morning with frostbite – I need not have worried as I woke up at about 4am feeling so hot that I spent the rest of the night with my sleeping bag half undone just to cool down!

In the morning I was woken up with a nice cup of hot tea and then went to a local hotel for breakfast.

Get the most from your igloo experience

I think the best way to get the most from this type of experience is to think about what you want from it, decide whether you want the expensive bigger hotels or whether you would prefer to be in something that is more rustic and perhaps not quite so commercialised.


Igloos are a wonderful adventure

I left my igloo experience having dispelled many myths and pre-conceived ideas that even I, as a snow junky, had harbored.

My night in an igloo was one of the most unusual places I have ever stayed and worth every penny. I wasn’t just paying for a bed for the night, it was the whole experience during my stay that made it so special.

Here are some places where you can spend the night in an igloo:-


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