Husky Heaven in the Narnia of Norway

As the Summer heatwave has officially come to an end (ha ha!). I am already starting to think about my favourite season – winter. I find myself remembering some of my favourite winter adventures and I hope this post will convey why I love winter so much.

Sometimes we find places which are particularly unique and almost magical.  When you are there, you feel that you have entered a world of make believe, because the concept of where you are is so different to that of your own life back home.

I had the privilege to visit such a place a while ago and although I have visited many winter destinations, this, for me, was one of the most awe inspiring and wonderful.

I keep trying to work out why it was so special – what gave it the wow factor? I can only put it down to a mixture of things which together created the perfect recipe for a most unusual escape.

I hope this could be added to your amaze me days list and if it does, please go and experience it for yourself – details are at the end of the post.

Sunset in Norway

The Location

Yes it was remote, but that was part of the charm. You turned off a track into a forest where you walked into another world……the world of the musher. There is very little in this area but that is what you quickly learn – you don’t actually need very much and what you do need can be lovingly created from what is around you.


The Accommodation

This was amazing – I would say 6 star! But not in the way most would imagine. Each cabin has been individually built with its own special style. This is where the word Narnia comes in to play as I can only describe it as almost make believe – a child’s dream but for grown ups.

Each piece of furniture, the beds, the chairs were created from wood found in the forest. Oversized logs made the most beautiful and functional beds. Lamp shades were made of feathers and rugs of reindeer skin.  Wooden chairs were suspended like hammocks from the very sturdy beams where you could sway gently as you read from the many books in every cabin. It was a delight to see and as warm as toast to stay in.

A most unique sitting room

The Facilities

All of the cabins have their own sitting areas with an open fire to mesmerise you as you sit and exchange stories of your day while you wait for dinner. There is also a communal dining area with open plan kitchen where you can watch as your dinner is created.

I was particularly impressed by this area as it was most welcoming and a great place to relax and socialise. As your eyes wandered round the room, you would always find something new to look at as everything there had been made and designed by the owner. The cleverly tied rope to hold the glasses, the leather pouches suspended by the kettle to hold coffee, tea and sugar.

Innovation is everywhere, check out the cup and glass holders.

The best designs were where old met new – a modern glass bowl for a sink resting on an old piece of slate.  State of the art showers but with old wooden shelves to store your toiletries – proving that nature and luxury can go hand in hand.

There was also an outdoor hot tub to relax in after a busy day outside and a great place to wait for the Northern Lights to appear!

A lovely cosy bedroom

The Huskies

There are other activities to experience in this location such as snowmobiles, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and reindeer but the one you come here to do is the husky safari. The owner has built up quite a reputation in the world of husky racing and has much experience and many stories to tell of his adventures. The safaris vary from something short such as a half day to a day and then go up to a mammoth 11 days in the wilderness!


The People

The owner is a bit of a legend and has passed much of his experience and husky know how onto the other guides as well. When you meet him, he is very quiet and understated but once you have spent a little more time with him, you realise he has a great sense of humour and his knowledge of the outdoors is immense.

Everyone who works there has a love of nature, the outdoors and of course the animals. But in addition to this, they have a calm and content aura about them which is almost enviable.


The Result

It was simply a life changing experience.

I spent very little time in this piece of paradise but the difference of this life compared with my own was so intense.  I felt I had been in this land of Narnia for much longer and have a longing to return so I can soak up the utopia which has been created.  Hopefully another visit will inspire me to create and work towards my own utopia.

Click here for more details about the trip.

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