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Interesting reading to get you started


1.  You can go to the home page and add your email address to receive information about content marketing.  


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2.  There’s also an article about easy improvements you can make to your online content straightaway.  It’s called:-

How to make your business irresistible to your dream clients.


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3. Click on these links to blog posts which are a good introduction to content marketing

Outsource or in House?  How Accountants Can Have Their Content Marketing Cake and Eat It

Blogs Build Business: wise up to 9 reasons you should know


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Working with Amaze Me Days is very easy ….. 7 steps is all it takes


1. Getting to know you

We want to understand you and your business.  Why you do what you do – your hopes, your challenges and how you see your future.

2.  Your content marketing strategy is born

We continue our research and create a plan to achieve your goals.

3.  Talking it over

You’re bound to have questions and that’s what we’re here for…..ask away.  We want you to completely understand what we’re going to do.

4.  Are you happy?  Then let’s do it!

Once you are happy with your content marketing plan and pricing options, then we’ll begin.

5. You’re always in the loop

We will run with the project so you can get on with other aspects of your business.  We’ll keep you informed at all times and you’ll have the final say on all the content we create.

6.  The results are in

It’s pointless implementing a new strategy without being able to monitor its success.  We make sure you see the results.

7.  What next?

Whether the project is a one-off or more of a regular arrangement, we are always on hand to tweak your strategy and suggest new ideas, so you get the best results.


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