Automated Content to Engage with Your Dream Customers

When You Personalise Your Message, You Really Connect with Your Customers.

Can you know each and every one of your customers?  It would be great if you could but not always possible.  

However, you can understand what makes them tick, what problems they have and how your business or product can solve those problems.  

We find a subject that is close to your potential customers’ heart and create a series of emails to cover the subject in more detail or better still show them how to solve the problem or make their life easier.

Sending a selection of emails means you can get to know your potential customer, show that you know your stuff and build trust.  So when they are ready to buy, they are going to think of you first, which is a great starting point.

What’s Included in the Automated Content

  • Brainstorm ideas for the topic to be covered
  • We create a series of 6 emails to cover a topic in more detail
  • We create an article about the topic and include the email sign up as a call to action – the article is on the website and in social media as a broadcast, plus it can be emailed to existing email lists.
  • The customer signs up for the series of emails and you get their email address.
  • They receive 6 automated emails to solve a problem, give insight to something that interests them.
  • The series builds trust, and encourages the customer to buy from you. 

A Little Fact You Should Know About Using Content  to Build Trust

“72% of customers will share a positive experience with 6 or more people.”

Automated Content to Engage with Your Dream Customers

Creating wonderful content to connect with new and existing customers can be a great way to show what you do and boost your sales.
“Your passion for writing has had a positive impact across our many content marketing projects.”

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