Amazing Winter Wonderland Accommodation

We all like to be pampered but are often preoccupied with the star rating of accommodation. There are places to stay which aren’t 5 star but will offer you a 6 star experience. As winter is just around the corner, I wanted to let you know about some unique winter wonderland accommodation.

Glass Igloo – Finland


When you arrive at this location you’ll see little glass domes nestled into the snowy hillside.  However, the wow is when you put the key in the door and walk in. You’ll be impressed by the luxury of this tardis-like structure, then you’ll see the view.

To think you’re only 10 minutes from a busy town is hard to believe. As you look outside, you’ll struggle to find one house or even a light! Just thousands of trees covered with snow, that seem to go on forever.

Dinner can be delivered to your door so you don’t miss a minute of the evening.  Hopefully,  you’ll have ringside seats for the Northern Lights.

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Luxury Teepee – Finland


Set amongst a quiet forest beside your own ice bar and restaurant, this accommodation is truly Finnish from the outside. When you walk through the door you’ll be greeted with an ultra-modern interior.

The downstairs is divided into a sitting area with a small kitchen. The bathroom has a power shower, sauna and spa bath with coloured mood lighting. Upstairs in the bedroom, there’s a rooftop window so you can get a good view of the Northern Lights.

The best thing about this accommodation is not what is on the inside but what you will find outside. Yes, there’s a sunken jacuzzi where you can sit with a glass of champagne and marvel at the views. To savour the peace and quiet of this fantastic region, after dinner in the snow restaurant, was an added bonus.

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Treehouse – Sweden

This is the most recent addition to the unusual and unique. Several years in the making, this season sees the opening of the most amazing treehouse accommodation. It’s very modern and extremely Eco-friendly.

Each room is suspended in the forest and reached by retractable staircases or walkways. The interiors are all as different and unique as the exteriors and there is also a sauna and meeting room for those special powwows.

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Beautiful Cabins – Norway


From the outside, these cabins look cozy and inviting but wait until you get inside where you can see how they have been lovingly created with much thought and effort. Each cabin has been built with timber from the local forest along with each bed, table, chair even the lampshades use locally sourced items.

The man who has created this magical setting has a love of the outdoors, which he manages to bring indoors in a very stylish way. When you arrive in your cabin you’ll see many of the inventions immediately. However, even after a few hours you’ ll keep noticing new ideas where nature and modern design are combined to make the most wonderful creations.

You’ll eat in the communal kitchen with the rest of the guests and there is also a sauna and outdoor hot tub to relax in as you ponder over your experiences that day.

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Luxury Lakeside Lodge – Canada

Luxurious lounge at Hotel Sacacomie


One of the most welcoming receptions awaits you when you walk through the doors of this hotel. The roaring fire and oversized comfy chairs set the scene.  You just know you’re going to be well looked after in this beautiful lodge, which feels more like you are entering a friends’ home than a hotel.

The rooms are comfortable with amazing views over the frozen lake and many have whirlpool baths by the fireplace – perfect. What I liked most about this destination was the combination of luxury, relaxation in the amazing spa and the most exhilarating activities such as snowmobiles or husky safaris in the vast grounds.

The spa was impressive – even for someone like me who gets bored with spas quite quickly, it was a very difficult place to leave!

I think the reason was that there was so much to do:-

  • very large outdoor jacuzzis,
  • two different saunas (one with a picture window overlooking the frozen lake and snowy forests),
  • indoor pool,
  • ice cold plunge pool
  • and of course the many treatments available.

I left this place wanting to book straight back in – I will definitely be back for more.

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