Al Fresco Salmon on a Frozen Lake

Adventure and Food? I hear you say. How can these two loves of my life actual cross paths? Well, it’s very easy and hopefully, you’ll see this as I add posts to the Amaze Me Days blog.

The location for our al fresco lunch

I’m lucky to have enjoyed several visits to Finland in Winter which have all been fantastic – as you could imagine! One of the best visits included a snowmobile safari into the unspoilt and stunning landscape and a tasty lunch created magically before my very eyes.

Snowmobile Safari

We had spent the morning on our snowmobiles crossing many frozen lakes and through snow covered forests before we arrived at our lunch destination. Quiet little restaurant nestled beside a lake – not quite! There wasn’t a cloud in the azure blue sky as we came to a stop on the lake. Within minutes my guide had lit a fire and was busy getting some ingredients out of her rucksack and a pan.

A fresh salmon lunch created in minutes.

Alfresco Salmon Lunch

She melted about 1oz of butter in the frying pan and added two salmon fillets. She then sliced open two pitta breads and laid them beside the fire to warm through. After 3 minutes she turned the salmon fillets then seasoned them with a little pepper.

She then spread some cream cheese flavoured with garlic and herbs into the pockets of pitta bread and when the salmon fillets had cooked for another couple of minutes, she popped them into the pitta bread. That was it…… lunch was served.

I will never forget sitting on a reindeer skin on a frozen lake beside a fire while eating the most wonderful salmon sandwich! I’m not sure whether it was the salmon or because the meal was cooked outside, but the fresh clean flavours were delicious.  I savoured every mouthful as we sat in the wilderness completely surrounded by nature.

There is something about being in unique places, trying new experiences and eating regional produce created and served by a local guide – priceless.

Heading back after a lovely day.
I tried this al fresco salmon recipe when I returned home and although I didn’t cook it over a fire on a frozen lake, it did taste very good. So please try this Finnish recipe – food does taste better when you cook and eat it outside.