Our mission is to craft creative content

At Amaze Me Days, we go bananas for content marketing.  First of all, we want to help your business flourish with the introduction of simple, yet creative content strategies.

write creative content      inspire dream customers      evolve your business

Let’s show you how to harness the power of compelling content and together we can make your business even more successful.  

How Amaze Me Days evolved

  • By looking after the key clients of a digital agency, we gained insight into the diverse needs of many different businesses.
  • Working within corporate hospitality, we understood the importance of interacting with customers to assess their needs.
  • Through adventure travel, we learned that embracing risk can be a very liberating experience and rarely as hard as you would imagine.
  • Freelance writing allowed us to develop a chameleon-like tone to give the business message of every client a unique voice.

Amaze Me Days – what makes us tick

We LOVE a challenge

We transform serious and complicated text into smart yet simple storytelling.  Substance and style go hand in hand to engage the most discerning audience.

We are CURIOUS about all things business 

With over 20 years of experience, we’ve learned that no two businesses are the same.  Hence the reason why we don’t offer a one-size solution as we believe bespoke is always best.  

We want to help you SUCCEED

Our business is making your business out-sparkle the competition.

We UNDERSTAND the difficulties of running a business

Business can be tough so let’s maximise the highs and minimise the lows.  Above all, we keep your content on track with persuasive words that get results, so you can focus on the future of your business.

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